share1 W1S1 [ʃeə US ʃer] v
1¦(use together)¦
2¦(let somebody use something)¦
6¦(tell somebody something)¦
7 share your life with somebody
8 share and share alike
Phrasal verbs
 share in something
1.) ¦(USE TOGETHER)¦ [I and T]
to have or use something with other people
We don't have enough books so you'll have to share.
The three of us shared a taxi.
share sth with sb
I have an office that I share with some other teachers.
to let someone have or use something that belongs to you
As a kid he'd never share his toys.
share sth with sb
Will you share your fries with me?
3.) ¦(DIVIDE)¦ [T]
also share out
to divide something between two or more people
share sth between/among sb
They shared the cake between them.
At his death, his property was shared out between his children.
to have equal responsibility for doing something, paying for something etc
We share the responsibility for the children.
I own the house, but we share the bills.
We all share some of the blame for the accident.
5.) ¦(SAME)¦ [T]
to have the same opinion, quality, or experience as someone else
share sb's view/concern/belief etc
Other parents share her belief in the importance of reading.
I believe my view is widely shared .
Dan and Claire share an interest in ancient history.
share sth with sb
Stubbornness was a characteristic he shared with his mother.
to tell other people about an idea, secret, problem etc
Students were able to share their experiences.
share sth with sb
Would you like to share your feelings with the group?
7.) share your life with sb
if you share your life with someone, you spend your life together with them as their husband, wife etc
I'm not ready to share my life with anyone.
8.) share and share alike
spoken used to say that you should share things fairly and equally between everyone
share in [share in sth] phr v
if you share in someone's success, happiness etc, you have it or enjoy it with them
His daughters did not share in his happiness.
share 2
share2 W1S1 n
1¦(in a company)¦
2¦(part of something)¦
3 your (fair) share
4 share in something
5 house/flat share
[: Old English; Origin: scearu 'cutting, division']
1.) ¦(IN A COMPANY)¦
one of the equal parts into which the ↑ownership of a company is divided
buy/sell shares
They were able to sell their shares at a higher price.
share in
shares in Allied Chemicals
Share prices are down in London.
shares go up/rise
(=the value increases)
shares fall/go down/drop
(=the values decreases)
→↑stock1 (2)
2.) ¦(PART OF SOMETHING)¦ [singular]
the part of something that you own or are responsible for
share of/in
I gave them my share of the bill and left.
a share in the profits
I do my share (=do my part) of the housework.
3.) your (fair) share
a) if you have had your share of something, for example problems, success, or adventure, a lot of it has happened to you
You've sure had your share of problems, haven't you?
He'd had more than his fair share of adventure.
b) your share of something is the amount that you deserve to have
Don't worry - you'll get your fair share.
4.) share in sth
your part in an activity, event etc
Employees are always given a share in decision-making.
5.) house/flat share
BrE when people live together in the same house or flat and pay the rent together
>sharing n [U]
the lion's share atlion, ↑timeshare

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